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Q and A's


Q: What is Green Building?
A: A basic principle of green building is to build as little as necessary. Not only does new construction demand more recourses, it can also contribute to urban sprawl. Consider purchasing an existing house with convenient access to public transportation, work, and shopping and other services. Consider expansion opportunities for your current house. Recently, I had a client who lived in a brick rancher but wanted a log cabin. We installed e-log siding around the entire house and completely transformed the home into a log cabin while reducing the environment impact a new home would have created. Check it out.

Q: Why can’t I have the fridge right next to my sink?
A: It’s recommended you allow 18 inches as a landing zone for items you take out of the refrigerator. Sometimes it’s a balancing act taking things out of the refrigerator and dropping a jar of pickles is not pretty… better to have a good landing zone.

Q: When is the best time to remodel your kitchen?
A: When it’s possible, I suggest that you schedule your kitchen remodeling in the spring. This is the time of year when you can take advantage of the kids being in school and the outdoors to help minimize the disruption that a kitchen remodeling project can have on your family. For the days that your kitchen is completely out of commission, you can plan a family cook-out one the grill. Spring is also convenient because you can leave windows open to air out paint and other fumes quickly.

Q: Basement Remodeling?
A: Remodeling your basement is one of easiest ways to add lots of space and value to your home. A finished basement is a great place to entertain your family and friends. Unlike your main level, where you have a limited floor plan or colors to choose from, the design of your basement is completely up to you!

Q: What type of remodeling project is likely to add value to my home?
A: You can not go wrong renovating an out-dated kitchen. Focus on the basics- refacing existing cabinets, new counter-tops, some new appliances and new flooring. It costs less than updating a kitchen.
Outside: new low maintenance vinyl siding and trim adds curb appeal and will pay off financially when you sell your home.

Q: How many people do you need to finish a basement?
A: You know, it really does take a lot of different people with various skills and licensing requirements to finish a basement. A carpenter to frame the walls, electrician to add lighting, a plumber for the new bathroom and the list goes on. Permits must be pulled and several inspections have to take place to finish a basement.
However, my answer to your question is “just one” when you call Cornerstone Builders LLC.

Q: Do you have any tips on planning a successful remodel?
A: I have three of them in fact. The three tips are: careful planning, good communication, and considering cost versus value. Planning is more complicated than it may appear, so write everything down. Describe exactly WHAT you want to do and WHY you are doing it. Good communication will make or break the project. Share your plans, budget limitations, and expectations with each contractor. Not setting clear budget limits can waste everyone’s time. Consider value over cost: the lowest price is not always the best deal in products or contractors. Call Cornerstone Builders for your free estimate on your kitchen, bath or basement remodel at 540-974-7973.